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United States real estate is renowned for its stability & investment potential. We make it accessible.
Here’s the simple process for the Global Digital Mortgage by Jia:
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Here’s what makes Jia the best choice for international investors:
Fewer documents required
Forget the US credit score, the social security card, tax returns, and more.
Funds in under 30 days
Conventional lenders often take 3 months. We’re not conventional.
Streamlined Underwriting
Our underwriting prioritizes the asset to make the approval process easier.
Great Customer Service
We redesigned the entire loan process from the ground up to make it easier, faster, and more secure.
Join the hundreds of homebuyers applying each month!
Ms Hua Qianyao
(Beijing, China)
"Great service and efficient process. I got my loan very quickly."
Mr Huang
(Jiangsu, China)
"The mortgage procedures were smoothly and successfully, great! "
Here’s a quick overview of our loans:
Loan types
5/6 ARM
7/6 ARM
30 Y Fixed
Loan minimum
Loan maximum
Property Types
Single Family,
Investor Properties Only
Cash-Out / Refi
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